emilie autumn (still)

her lyrics in english + some little stories about her fantastic world…  Across the sky

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Courtney Love’s "anarchy violinist" returns to the stage and is keeping the spotlight all to herself. Fresh off the road as Ms. Love’s touring bandmate, and with appearances on Leno and Letterman, glossy magazine centerfolds, and guest spots on the albums of such artists as Love, Billy Corgan, and Die Warzau under her corset strings, Emilie Autumn’s devilishly dark lyrics and industrial-strength voice reinvent "gothic" for the masses.

Chosen by Interview Magazine as one of their "14 Artists to Watch" , EA’s theatrical stage show is a sexy circus of gothic burlesque backed by her all-girl band. But as the sole composer, performer, and producer of her dramatic new album, "OPHELIAC" gets personal. Written in the style she calls "victoriandustrial," "OPHELIAC" draws upon EA’s influences as a child prodigy classical violinist and combines them with her passion for the harsh industrial of Laibach & Front 242, the sublime melodicism of Depeche Mode, and the drama of Moi Dix Mois and Visual Kei. Accentuated by EA’s signature metal-style violin shredding, heartbreakingly lush strings, and menacing lyrics growled with enough intensity to make your hairs stand on end, the resulting noise is a harpsichord-heavy romp through Victorian asylums where screaming is allowed and girls always get revenge.

The End.

For now…"

from the official english website :     http://www.emilyautumn.com/

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