Fed up with anti american people (or people who don’t knwo what they’re talking about), or monomaniacs

especially because almost all anti american people never been to the USA, don’t really know people from there and lie quite often even if it’s not about america… i think we can call them stupid people but as we french say, only stupid people don’t change their mind (so they really are)…
Well i prefer what is made in front of you than behind you.

As these people don’t hesitate to write or do artwork about things they don’t know… close minded, few interests in life, jealousy and contradiction spirit, few trips, people who like you lie to them cause they are so used to lie ?…
I’m happy to live in a free country where you can write or say whatever you want, where you don’t have to argue all day long with sellers or people who want to marry you because of your passport, where the food and water is not poisoned and where you can trust most of the time what is written on the products. I live in France.
Maybe one day will live in the usa, canada or in asia.
I’m also happy that in my country most of women get married because they love the person and are more free than in some others countries. Even if the brightest times are gone….

Happy to live in a country where u don’t have to pay taxe (like 500euros) to own your own dog…

I don’t know if i’m happy or not to see that the usa are no more the only scapegoat now but times change, and some humans change, so humans are not so stupid… well…
Things could be so much simple though, for everyone, with the willingness of every humans… anyway i don’t see anymore those people.
And i feel much better…

Subversion… most of the time, it goes after puberty or mariage…cos these people, well 99% of them are from the "high society" and lies don’t work forever… unless those you tell yourself.

I don’t have any flag in my house or in my belongings, i have never done any artwork with a flag nor with a political material. And i have always proven what i said. And i hope to meet an open minded and honest guy one day. But until then, i’m pretty happy. More and more, yes, life can be so ironik, Alanis 😉

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