September: Veggie Month!

[…]What has
eating a burger got to do with killing monkeys? The answer is lots!
Animal agriculture tops the list for making wildlife and plants extinct
– it is also number one cause for the destruction of the rainforests
and destroying the habitat wild animals need to survive. The reality is
that by going veggie, you not only save the lives of 11,047 animals in
a lifetime (by simply not eating them) you also save a whole jungle’s
worth of wild animals, too! We have produced brand new materials to
take this very important issue to the public.

Read more about the issues here.

news is good: Britain is going veggie! Vegetarianism and veganism are
growing fast in the UK (with the latest survey showing that around six
million people in the UK now call themselves vegetarian – and there are
now 10 times as many vegans as there were even a decade ago). This
means that fewer animals are facing the horrors of modern farming and
the barbarity of the slaughterhouse. Government figures show that
9,237,000 fewer main land animals were killed in the UK in 2007
compared to 2006. The annual drop in slaughter shows that five million
fewer chickens were killed in Britain, two million fewer turkeys and
two million fewer ducks.  Even taking into account all imports, exports
and domestic production, poultry meat consumption in the UK fell by
117,000 tons (a huge reduction of seven per cent).  Overall pig meat
consumption fell by 27,000 tons (a reduction of six per cent). We are
indeed going veggie!

However, there’s still much to do – and that’s why we need you to get involved in this year’s Veggie Month!

a few hours of your time can make a world of difference. Every single
person who decides to ditch meat because of your actions means you are
directly helping to save the lives of thousands of animals.

Click here to get involved!

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