Xmas… good time for changes

"Some people believe we can eat and use all the animals as
we please, what we’ve done to the animals already done to us. Animals can detect
unusual things in nature what we cannot, as long as we keep dispespecting
animals this world is doomed. We need to learn from our mistakes before it’s to
late. The Global Warming is just gonna get worst, God must have had a good
reason to give our creatures that special sixth sense of power, animals save
human lives everyday and look at the way we treat them. We don’t live in Caves
anymore and we need to do away with animals farms, these animals live in cages
all their lives and their fur is stripped from their tiny bodies while they are
still alive. I wonder what God is thinking? With so many Animals going into
instinction, we need to change our evil ways.."

Posted by: Animals don’t have a
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